V.Novikov, L.Okun, M.Vysotsky - ITEP, Moscow

A.Rozanov - CPPM, IN2P3-CNRS, Marseille

LEPTOP is an analytical program for the calculations of the LEP electroweak observables and fitting the experimental data for determination of the top mass, the Higgs mass and the strong coupling constant.

This document is available as:

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  • Html documentation (not yet available !!!)
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  • The source code can be accessed from:

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  • Recent LEPTOP talks and publications:

  • Review published in Reports on Physics ( July 1999)
  • SUSY paper in Physics Reports (July 1999)
  • talk at SUSY GDR (Marseille, 1999)
  • Contribution to D.Bardin talk at Tampere (July 1999)
  • Article of fourth generation paper.
  • Contribution at OSAKA-2000 conference.
  • Draft of the paper Extra generations and discrepancies of electroweak precision data with Jamboree-2001 electroweak data.

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