Deep Sea Radioactivity

Stage numéro : M2-1819-KM-03
Laboratoire :Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille Case 902
 163 avenue de Luminy - 13288 Marseille Cedex 9
Directeur :Cristinel Diaconu - -
Correspondant :William Gillard - -
Groupe d'accueil :KM3NeT
Chef de groupe :Vincent Bertin - -
Responsable de stage :Jose Busto and Mathieu Perrin-Terrin - 04 91 82 72 59 -

Thématique : Instrumentation

The MEUST (Mediterranean Eurocentre for Underwater Sciences and Technologies) platform offers a unique infrastructure at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea (2500m deep 40km offshore Toulon) to carry scientific research.

Among other projects, a high energy resolution Germanium spectrometer will be installed to monitor the environment radioactivity. The unprecedented gamma measurements, will allow to perform groundbreaking measurements of radioactivity at this depth. The ability to identify, with high precision, the presence natural or man-made radioactive isotopes, offer the possibility to better understand, with a totally novel tool, the dynamics and discharge of submarine groundwater.

Furthermore, comparison of Ge data with classical salinity, current, and other water parameters, offer the possibility to study the correlation of seabed radon emanation and seismic and earthquake activity.

Finally, the existence of a deep Ge spectrometer opens very important opportunities for a new underwater neutron activation technique.

In this context, we offer the chance to a master 2 student to work with us on characterizing the radioactivity detector before it is deployed in the sea most likely during the summer. If successful, the student could then carry on a PhD to exploit the data recorded by the detector.