2 nov. 2020
IPHU seminar: A physicist's view on pandemic dynamics
Giacomo Cacciapaglia (IP2I Lyon)
Description :

Pandemics, like COVID-19, are becoming a recurring threat to our global society. Surprisingly, high energy physics can help us understand how the dynamics of the virus spreading works. The epidemic Renormalisation Group approach provides simple models, which can be used to predict incurring waves of infections, as demonstrated for the second wave in Europe. Finally, models
with strolling dynamics can shed light on how infection waves arise, and help us prevent them. 


Début :
lundi 2 novembre 2020 à 14:00:00 heure normale d’Europe centrale
Fin :
lundi 2 novembre 2020 à 15:00:00 heure normale d’Europe centrale
Endroit :