22 nov. 2021
AMS-02: 10 years of cosmic-rays measurements on the International Space Station
Laurent Derome (LPSC)
Description :
In May 2010, the AMS-02 experiment was installed on the International Space Station. Since then, the experiment continuously detects the cosmic ray particles with energies ranging from sub-GeV to several TeV. The AMS-02 detectors allow to measure the components of the cosmic rays, electrons/positrons, protons, antiprotons and all the nuclei from helium to iron with an unprecedent precision.
In this presentation, I will present the AMS-02 project, the instrumentation implemented to identify and measure the energy of cosmic ray particles as well as the main results from the experiment. In particular, I will present the measurement of positrons and antiprotons and discuss the interpretation of these measurements in the framework of dark matter searches and the measurement of galactic cosmic ray nuclei which allows the study of the sources and the propagation of cosmic rays.
Début :
lundi 22 novembre 2021 à 14:00:00 heure normale d’Europe centrale
Fin :
lundi 22 novembre 2021 à 15:00:00 heure normale d’Europe centrale
Endroit :