PREDON Mission

One of the main missions of this project is to enforce the efforts to preserve the scientific data in France. The proposed research program as well as the associated events and workshops should be seen as ingredients towards the creation, at national level and in strong connection with the international organisation, of scientific data infrastructures for long term preservation and access.

To address the challenges listed before, the PREDON consortium proposes a research program aimed at solving the most urgent problems which presently lead to a large number of orphaned (and therefore lost) scientific data sets:
• Technological and methodological specific issues for long term data preservation
• Data mining algorithms and worksflows for large/big scientific data sets
• Experimental interfaces, formats for scientific data collection, analysis and exploitation at long term.

The approach proposed by the present project is based on a number of principles which we believe essential for a widely accepted, robust and sustainable scientific data preservation at long term:

• Multi-disciplinarity and unification
• Open access
• International connection