Scientific Data Preservation 2014

November 2nd, 2016: Livre blanc: Approches contemporaines en hébergement et gestion de données

January 21st, 2014: PREDON document "Scientific Data Preservation", a facts finding white paper produced following 2012/2013 workshops is available here.

"Data observatories, based on open access policies and coupled with multi-disciplinary techniques for indexing and mining may lead to truly new paradigms in science. It is therefore of outmost importance to pursue a coherent and vigorous approach to preserve the scientific data at long term. The preservation remains nevertheless a challenge due to the complexity of the data structure, the fragility of the custom-made software environments as well as the lack of rigorous approaches in workflows and algorithms. [...]"

"The present document includes contributions form the participants to the PREDON Study Group, as well as invited papers, related to the scientific case, methodology and technology. This document should be read as a “facts finding” resource pointing to a concrete and significant scientific interest for long term research data preservation, as well as to cutting edge methods and technologies to achieve this goal. A sustained and coherent and long term action in the area of scientific data preservation would be highly beneficial."