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Belle II
Postdoctoral position on Belle II
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Internship supervisor:
Justine Serrano - 0033 4 91 82 72 80 -

General informations : workplace: Marseille Type of contract : CDD contract Contract Period : 12 months renewable twice Expected date of employment : 1st October 2021 Remuneration : Between 2606 and 3615 € monthly gross, according to work experience. Desired level of education : PhD

Missions : Being forbidden in the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics, lepton flavor violating decays are among the most powerful probes to search for physics beyond the SM. In view of the recent anomalies seen by LHCb on tests of lepton flavor universality in b ? s?? and b ? c?? processes, the interest of tau lepton flavor violating decays has been greatly reinforced. In particular, several new physics models predict branching fractions of ? ? µµµ and ? ? ?µ just below the current experimental limits. B?(h)?? decays, where h is a hadron, could also be seen. The Belle II experiment located at KEK, Japan, started physics data taking in 2019, aiming at collecting 50 times more data than its predecessor, Belle, by 2028. Thanks to its clean environment and high ?+?- cross section, it provides an ideal environment to study tau decays. The mission of this post doc will be to analyze the Belle II data in order to obtain the best experimental limits on lepton flavor violating ? decays. If time allows, lepton flavor violating decays of B into ? lepton will also be studied.

Activities: Data analysis, participation to data taking, participation to Belle II service tasks, activities of outreach and dissemination, students supervision.

Work context: The successful candidates will be based at CPPM, Marseille, France ( The CPPM, which has a long standing experience in particle physics accelerator experiments, has joined Belle II in 2019 with an ERC consolidator grant obtained by Justine Serrano. The post doctoral researcher will have a key role in the group. Travel to KEK for Belle II weeks and shifts are foreseen.

- Ph.D. in Experimental Particle Physics
- Excellent analysis and software skills (python, ROOT, C++), teamwork abilities and knowledge of English
- Experience in Belle II data analysis is appreciated but not mandatory

Additionnal informations: Interested physicists are invited to submit their application, including a cover motivation, curriculum vitae, list of publications and copies of university degrees. They should also arrange for three letters of recommendation. All documents should eb sent to Justine Serrano,

Physique des particules
Postdoctoral position on the ClearMind project
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Internship supervisor:
Prof. Christian Morel - +33 4 91 82 76 73 -

The imXgam research team of CPPM is participating together with the CEA Irfu and the IJCLab in the ANR project ClearMind. This project aims at developing a “scintronic” crystal detector for fast timing applications in the field of gamma ray imaging. It consists in depositing a photocathode with a high refraction index directly on the surface of a monolithic lead tungstate crystal, so that scintillation and Cherenkov light extraction from the crystal onto the photocathode does not encounter total reflection. The detection of the Cherenkov light produced by photoelectric conversion of gamma rays in the lead tungstate will allow to optimize the timing performance of the device, targeting tens of picoseconds resolution by encapsulating the “scintronic” crystal within the vacuum tube of micro-channel plate photo-multiplier for the detection of the photoelectrons generated on the photocathode.

To assess the potential of “scintronic” crystal detectors for TOF-PET, the ClearMind modules will be modelled by GATE and the Monte Carlo model will be validated against measurements. For this, a pair of ClearMind detectors will be mounted on tomXgam, a mechanical bench dedicated to tomographic experimentation that will enable to acquire data in a TOF-PET configuration and reconstruct images of positron emitting point sources and phantoms.

A 2-years postdoctoral position is offered to take part to the development and to the Monte Carlo modelling of the ClearMind detectors, and to master tomographic data acquisition with ClearMind detector prototypes embedded on the tomXgam mechanical bench. This includes the commissioning of the installation of tomXgam in the CPPM imaging room and to carry out the development of its control interface under LabVIEW.

- PhD in physics with experience in nuclear instrumentation and Monte Carlo simulation
- Fluent in English
- C/C++ and Python computing skills
- Experience in LabVIEW programming would be an asset

Application: Start of work is expected before end 2020. Candidates are invited to send their applications by email to Prof. Christian Morel ( before end of June 2020, including a statement of research interests, CV, list of publications and three reference letters. For further information, do not hesitate to contact Prof. Morel directly.