24 janv. 2022
Unit testing to improve the life of software developers and scientists.
Sébastien Valat (CERN)
Description :

I will present the interest of unit test and TDD (Test Driver Development) as a software development methodology. I will explain the approach from the philosophical side showing that it comes with far more advantages than just validating our code. It goes from improving the code quality to human aspects, like new developer inclusion and keeping the good motivation of the developers. This methodology is a real plus if we consider the increasing performance of computers which tend to translate to increasing expectation from our software and an increasing complexity of the code. I will share my 11 years experience applying this method for my own research projects in the HPC field.

Sebastien's Homepage: http://svalat.github.io/

Début :
lundi 24 janvier 2022 à 14:00:00 heure normale d’Europe centrale
Fin :
lundi 24 janvier 2022 à 15:00:00 heure normale d’Europe centrale
Endroit :