16 oct. 2023
First results of XENONnT on dark matter search
Luca Scotto Lavina (LPNHE Paris)
Description :

A rich number of astrophysical and cosmological observations indicate the existence of a massive, non-luminous and non-baryonic matter component which is commonly referred to as dark matter. XENONnT is the latest of the XENON direct detection experiments searching for dark matter. The detector, a dual-phase TPC with a 5.9 tonne liquid xenon target, is taking data at the INFN Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso since two years. XENONnT was designed as a fast upgrade of its predecessor XENON1T, featuring an unprecedented low background. In this seminar we will report on the first WIMP search results with the XENONnT experiment, conducted in a blind analysis in an energy range between 3.1 keV and 60.0 keV, and an exposure of approximately 1.1 tonne-year. We will also present the other results achieved by XENONnT and a survey of all physics studies in which we are working on.

Début :
lundi 16 octobre 2023 à 14:00:00 heure d’été d’Europe centrale
Fin :
lundi 16 octobre 2023 à 15:30:00 heure d’été d’Europe centrale
Endroit :