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eBOSS/DESI France meeting

le 09 Oct, 2018

The CPPM and the LAM were very pleased to host the eBOSS-DESI France meeting for its 4th edition on October 4 and 5, 2018. One of the goals of these series of informal eBOSS-DESI meetings is to put in contact researchers working in similar topics within eBOSS and DESI collaborations. On this occasion, a visit of the Winlight company in Pertuis was organised, Winlight being responsible for the construction of DESI's ten spectrographs, which are to be delivered to Mayall between 2018 and 2019.

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Galaxy Clustering France 2018

le 07 Jun, 2018

On June 4, the 'Galaxy Clustering France 2018' day dedicated to the activities of the galaxy clustering in France for Euclid took place at CPPM, and was attended by about fifteen people. Euclid is a space mission that will be launched in 2022, one of whose scientific objectives is to understand why the expansion of the Universe is accelerating.

LSST: the filter changer system inaugurated

le 05 Jun, 2018

The prototype of the filter changer system, one of the key pieces of the LSST telescope camera, was inaugurated on May 15. This technical feat is the result of the collaboration between five CNRS laboratories in this unique project in which France plays a very special role alongside the United States and Chile.

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LSST automated filter exchanger - Transport and low temperature tests

le 08 Mar, 2018

CPPM has built a prototype of the automated filter exchanger for the LSST telescope, "The Auto Changer". After a few months of development and tests, it has just been transported to Paris for tests at low temperature (-10 ° C) and for combined tests with other complementary instruments. The Auto Changer traveled well by truck and was quickly put back into service by Aurélien Marini and Fabrice Gallo. We were able to succeed in cold chamber tests: at -10 ° C for power-up, and at -5 ° C for nominal operation. These operations made it possible to verify that the mechanics designed by...

Renoir's internship in 2017

le 05 Aug, 2017

As every year, the group Renoir welcomed students in their bachelor and master degree to perform their internship.

After an original research work, they were invited to describe their activities and are the subject of this news:

Marie Aubert
Cosmic voids occupy the majority of the universe and are part of large-scale structures. These structures are formed of filaments of galaxies and voids.
In order to determine the nature of dark energy, dominant in cosmic voids, we are interested in the way in which these structures were formed and grew through the rate of growth of...

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