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11 billion years of expansion of the universe revealed !

le 22 Jul, 2020

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) has just published a comprehensive analysis of the largest three-dimensional map of the Universe ever created, filling in the most significant gaps in our possible exploration of its history.

The new results come from the extended Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (eBOSS), an international collaboration of more than 100 astrophysicists that is one of the SDSS’s component surveys. On Monday 20 July, building on 20 years of observations, the eBOSS collaboration published a comprehensive analysis of the largest three-dimensional map of the Universe...

The Euclid Star Prize 2020, student category, has been awarded to Philippe Baratta

le 01 Jul, 2020

Philippe Baratta, PhD student in the team RENOIR at CPPM, has been awarded the Euclid Star Prize 2020 in the category student for its essential contributions towards the estimate of the covariance between cosmological observables. Philippe is supervised by Julien Bel (CPT) and d’Anne Ealet (IP2I).

Euclid on the air with Radio Grenouille, this summer 2020

le 10 Jul, 2020

The radio show "Euclid, the loom" is broadcasted on Radio Grenouille:
- on a weekly basis: Monday, 6 pm from July 13th to September 14th
- on a daily basis: every day at 10 am from Tuesday 7th to Friday July 10th and from Monday 13th to Friday July 17th.

Each episode invites the listener to a trip over Euclid mission through the point of view of different people involved in the project :
Episode 1: Trip to the Euclid mission origins with O. Le Fèvre (LAM)
Episode 2: Discover the Euclid mission on board instruments, presentation of the NISP spectro-photometer with T. Maciaszek...

Euclid STAR Prize 2019 Instrument Award for CPPM and IPNL team

le 05 Jun, 2019

The characterization team’s expertise is based on an early experience with IR detectors in the framework of the SNAP collaboration and expanded to the highest level within the Euclid project. The team members combine strong complementary skills: mechanical and thermal design of the bench, software development for acquisition and bench control & automation, instrumentation, test procedures of pixel detectors. Thanks to the close collaboration of CPPM & IPNL, the team has developed and validated dedicated test facilities of high quality and excellent running efficiency with a fully automated...

eBOSS/DESI France meeting

le 09 Oct, 2018

The CPPM and the LAM were very pleased to host the eBOSS-DESI France meeting for its 4th edition on October 4 and 5, 2018. One of the goals of these series of informal eBOSS-DESI meetings is to put in contact researchers working in similar topics within eBOSS and DESI collaborations. On this occasion, a visit of the Winlight company in Pertuis was organised, Winlight being responsible for the construction of DESI's ten spectrographs, which are to be delivered to Mayall between 2018 and 2019.

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